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"White horse (The Forgotten)"
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About Dylan

With a bold voice born from the gritty streets of Memphis, this authentic singer/songwriter has a message of hope which resonates in an honest way with his fans.


As a child, Dylan grew up around music and started playing the guitar. But, he spent his teenage years around drugs and he fell into a hardcore addiction. This led him down a really dark path that landed him in jail.


While in jail, Dylan trusted his faith in God. He wrote songs about his story and finding his way out of the depths of addiction with a new and profound spiritual awakening that permeates his music. His fellow inmates nicknamed him “Songbird,” which he now proudly displays in tattoo ink on his knuckles.


Six months later, God went to work again and Dylan was released on probation. He attended bible school and became an ordained minister, where he completely turned his life around.


“My music is a guide into my heart and soul and represents how one can find himself and follow his heart to redemption and success,” Dylan says. “My commitment today is not only to focus on being sober but to use my music to help others.”


When Dylan isn’t writing songs and playing guitar, you may find him fishing, hunting, or spending time with his 6-year old son, Dean, who also enjoys making music with his dad.

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